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“To sulk (sŭlk)
n.                  A mood or display of sullen aloofness or withdrawal.”

Sulking in Silk is a vintage UK based womenswear boutique that was launched in 2014 and founded by Sarah Beasley.

Sulking in Silk is a boutique for thrill seekers, time-gone-by-keepers and garment junkies. It is a boutique for one-off, fun and timeless

pieces, for those who choose to have their own personal style over owning popular and mass produced attire. Channelling a mix of 1970s

bohemia, 1920s decadence and all the best decades in-between, it is chic, historique and most importantly, tongue in cheek.


Sarah is also available for freelance styling work using Sulking in Silk Vintage. If you would like to contact Sarah

for freelance styling work using Sulking in Silk Vintage (or photography work) please inquire via the contact link,

and to see some of her work, click the editorials link. Sarah also collaborates with fellow stylists and photographers,

magazines and creatives, so please get in touch!